ClamAV 0.90.3Edit

ClamAV 0.90.3 was released on 30 May 2007.


  • libclamav/scanners.c: fix warning on AES encrypted zip archives (bb#430)
  • fresclam/manager.c: add sanity check for %v (bb#463)
  • libclamav/unrar/unrar.c: improve handling of corrupted/handcrafted headers (bb#511, patch from Trog)
  • libclamav/unsp.c: fix end of buffer calculation (bb#464, patch from aCaB)
  • libclamav/others.c: use strict permissions (0600) for temporary files created in cli_gentempstream() (bb#517). Reported by Christoph Probst.
  • libclamav/ole2_extract.c: detect block list loop (bb#466), patch from Trog
  • libclamav/phishcheck.c: bb #497
  • libclamav/unrar/unrar.c: Bug #521, #368
  • configure: handle FreeBSD 7.x
  • configure: fix compilation issues under FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x (bb#455)
  • clamd/server-th.c: fix incorrect handling of SIGSEGV (bb#504)
  • clamscan/manager.c: bb#508 (Can’t run clamscan as root)
  • libclamav/matcher-ac.c: fix segfault on OOM (bb#515)
  • libclamav/pdf.c: Fix OOM, pointed out by TK
  • libclamav/others.c: Bug 520
  • libclamav/others.c: fix cli_malloc() call in C_WINDOWS (bb#477)
  • libclamav/htmlnorm.c: fix uninitialized value warning
  • libclamav/htmlnorm.c: fix URL truncation
  • libclamav/matcher-ac.c: optimize memory allocation, patch from Anton Yuzhaninov
  • libclamav/mbox.c: Bug 366
  • libclamav/mbox.c: Fixed multi-byte char bug under Windows
  • libclamav/pdf.c: Bug 459

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