RubyCocoa 0.11.1Edit

RubyCocoa 0.11.1 was released on 4 June 2007.

I haven’t installed RubyCocoa on my Mac OS X Tiger system yet, but it’s a project I’m watching with great interest because of Apple’s promise of improved support for scripting bridges in Leopard. Citing this Apple page:

To open up the benefits of the Cocoa frameworks to a wider developer audience, Leopard embraces two other highly dynamic languages for use in building Cocoa applications: Ruby and Python. These two languages are an excellent fit for integrating with the Cocoa frameworks, and they both have high quality bridges to Objective-C. These bridges allow you to mix and match Objective-C, Ruby, and Python, allowing you to choose the best tool for the job at hand while using high level Cocoa features such as Key-Value Coding (KVC) and Key-Value Observing (KVO).

I fully expect RubyCocoa to hit version 1.0 by the time Leopard comes out, and I believe that 1.0 (or later) will itself ship with Leopard.

The reason why I’m so excited about this is because I’m looking forward to speeding up Cocoa application development using Ruby, and I can’t wait to be able to leverage RSpec for testing purposes.

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