Monit 1.1.1Edit

From the official announcement to the Monit mailing list:

We have just released Monit 5.1.1. This release fixes some small, but problematic bugs for those affected.

The new release can be downloaded from:

Release checksums

md5:    4bbd3845ae1cbab13ec211824e0486dc
sha256: bf789e0660410e8c63f4b3dc2eeab9889347e6494a6dc1c0e764343cae0dc1ba

Release information:

Bug fixes

* Fixed FTP protocol test. Thanks to Axel Reinhold for report.

* Fixed the hostheader option in the HTTP protocol test, which was
 added in Monit 5.1. Thanks to Naoya Nakazawa for report.

* Removed an erroneous warning message about missing system service check.

* Improved manual page formatting. Thanks to Stefan Alfredsson for report.

Best regards
The Monit team