Compressing PNGs for delivery on the webEdit


$ brew install pngcrush pngquant optipng

Usage example

Lossy compression using pngquant, followed by an additional pass with optipng:

$ pngquant --force --ext .png --speed 1 file.png
$ optipng -o7 file.png

Non-lossy compression with pngcrush:

$ pngcrush -ow -brute file.png

In an extremely scientific test that I did, I wound up with these sizes, which would tend to confirm the above recommendations (ie. pngquant + optipng when lossy compression is acceptable; otherwise pngcrush):

File Size
Original 212,699
pngcrush 122,826
pngquant 65,264
optipng 130,783
pngquant + optipng 64,741
pngquant + pngcrush 64,951