Involuntary reboot log 12.2

Machine was powered on with screen on but I wasn’t actively using it (and hadn’t touched it for a while, either) when it had a spontaneous kernel panic. My first thought was that some corp-management process must have done something shady in the background, but there is no obvious evidence in the diagnostic report, a small excerpt of which is:

panic(cpu 1 caller 0xfffffe0020e0b624): "AppleANS3NVMeController::setPowerState(0xfffffe2332d80000 : 0xfffffe0022a7bda4, 0 -> 1) timed out after 101636 ms"
Debugger message: panic
Memory ID: 0x6
OS release type: User
OS version: 20F71
Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 20.5.0: Sat May  8 05:10:31 PDT 2021; root:xnu-7195.121.3~9/RELEASE_ARM64_T8101
iBoot version: iBoot-6723.120.36
secure boot?: YES
Paniclog version: 13
mach_absolute_time: 0x661bbc18515
Epoch Time:        sec       usec
  Boot    : 0x610145a5 0x000db6c3
  Sleep   : 0x610c54bd 0x0007d8c7
  Wake    : 0x610c54c7 0x0000d089
  Calendar: 0x610c552c 0x000c9d5a

last started kext at 1391635627:	3.0 (addr 0xfffffe00205b4000, size 16384)

I thought I could recover uptime info from those timestamps but I don’t know what they correspond to; they don’t seem to be UNIX timestamps (since 1970), nor HFS+ timestamps (since 1904), nor "Mac absolute" Cocoa timestamps (since 2001).

Statistics so far for this machine

  • Failure type: kernel panic
  • OS version: 11.4
  • Uptime at moment of failure: unknown
  • Kernel panics: 1
  • Hard resets: 1
  • Total failures: 2
  • Start of recording keeping: 31 May 2021
  • Total days to date: 66
  • Average time between failures: 33.00

Summary of events for this machine

  1. 2021-07-14: machine spontaneously powered off while absent.
  2. 2021-08-06: spontaneous kernel panic while not in active use.

Historical data (all machines)

For comparison, previous generations of machines (from most oldest to most recent) that I’ve used have had averages of:

Active? Average uptime Total lifetime Log Model Description
~13.83 days ~540 days #1 — #39 PowerMac G5 personal machine
22.73 days 1,364 days #40 — #60 iMac (17", Early 2006) personal machine
20.06 days 321 days 2.x iMac (27", Late 2009) personal machine
19.11 days 707 days 3.x MacBook Air (13", Late 2010) work machine (Causes)
41.86 days 293 days 4.x MacBook Air (13", Mid-2012) work machine (Causes)
2.0 days 2 days 5.x MacBook (unsure of model) work machine (Causes), loaner laptop
27.176 days 462 days 6.x MacBook Air (13", Mid-2013) work machine (Facebook)
35.0 days 140 days 7.x as above, but with a replacement shell work machine (Facebook)
40.8 days 245 days 8.x MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) work machine (Facebook)
87.0 days 522 days 9.x MacBook Pro (Haswell, Mid-2015, dual graphics) work machine (Facebook)
80.64 days 1,129+ days 10.x MacBook Pro (Haswell, Mid-2015, dual graphics) personal machine
n/a 844 days 11.x MacBook Pro 15-Inch "Core i7" 2.6 Touch/2018 work machine (Liferay)
33.0 days 66+ days 12.x MacBook Pro 13-Inch "M1" 8-Core 3.2 (2020) work machine (GitHub)