Half-star ratings from the menus

Following up on yesterday’s post, I’ve just finished adding the ability to set half-star ratings from the new Dock menu in Synergy Advance by holding down the Option key. The same is to follow for the Global Menu.

In the screenshot you can see how some of the other menu options also have alternate functionality when the Option key is held down ("Stop" instead of "Play" or "Pause"; "Next album" instead of "Next" track; "Previous album" instead of "Previous" track).

I was previously opposed to the idea of duplicating functionality already available from iTunes’ own Dock menu, but as Synergy Advance becomes more and more useful I find myself turning to it more and more often; after unthinkingly hitting the Synergy Advance Dock menu more than a few times wanting to change ratings and the like I realized that I should not only match but also improve on the functionality of the iTunes Dock menu, even though it seemed redundant to me at first.