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Mailing lists

Due to the spam problem, all Wincent mailing lists are strictly "opt-in", meaning that the only way to join the lists is for you the user to subscribe to them personally. Wincent will never subscribe your address independently; you as the list user are responsible for subscribing (or unsubscribing) yourself.

There are two types of mailing lists that you can join:

Announcement mailing lists

These are low-volume lists (approximately one message per month) sent to advise of updates to existing products. There is no "cross-posting" across these lists, which means that if you subscribe to the WinSwitch announcements list, for example, you will only ever receive notification of about new WinSwitch releases.

Beta testing lists

These are discussion lists for those who wish to participate in a beta testing program for a Wincent product. Once you subscribe to the list, you will receive notifications when new betas are available for download. If you discover an issue with the beta, you should first file a bug report (after searching for a pre-existing bug report for the same issue), and then post a message back to the list with a link to your bug report. In this way all beta testers can keep informed of the issue and contribute to tracking it down. When filing a bug report, please follow the guidelines listed at These lists are moderated so as to filter out spam, but the volume of traffic may be higher than that of the announcement lists, depending on the number of active beta testers for that product.

How to subscribe, unsubscribe and look at the list archives

The mailing list interface is currently down for maintenance. As part of the server migration the old Mailman-powered mailing lists will be replaced with a custom Rails application. Please check back again soon.