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wincent Synergy: it changes everything

Synergy testimonials

Industry quotes

ATPM (Very Nice rating)Very Nice

"I’ve been using Synergy for nearly three years on three different Macs (a PowerBook, a dual-G5 desktop, and now a MacBook Pro) and through numerous versions of iTunes. Coaliuta [sic] actively develops the software, and a number of updates were issued over the last three years. I have had no stability issues with the software—it simply works as advertised and fills an important function for me."

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Macworld (5 mice rating)5 mice

There are many iTunes controllers and information displays out there, but none works as well as Synergy. It provides systemwide hot keys for playback and volume control; a snazzy, translucent informational display (track, artist, album cover, and so on) that fades in and out at the start of each track (or at your command); and optional playback controls -- which you can customize with downloadable button sets -- in the menu bar. (The playback controls also provide a menu that lists playlists and recent tracks.) The latest version of Synergy features support for Growl (a global notification system for OS X), as well as the ability to launch AppleScripts or other items on track or status changes (€5, about $6 at press time).

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"My top Summer Software recommendation is easily one of, if not the, coolest iTunes software add-ons you can get, Synergy."

Read August 2004 review...

MacUser UK (5 mice rating)5 mice

"If you use iTunes on a regular basis, you would be mad to not to pay this measly shareware fee in return for a much better way of controlling iTunes."

Read July 2004 review...


"Meld Apple's music software into your desktop ... If you enjoy iTunes as much as I do, you're going to love this program."

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O'Grady's PowerPage

"I first saw Synergy in action on a friend’s computer at college. The way that the program interacts so naturally with iTunes I questioned at first if it was a built in module to iTunes that I had somehow not realized existed ... Synergy is one of those small applications that after using it for a couple of days cannot imagine living without ... [Synergy] should be awarded the first place trophy of iTunes extras."

Read 28 August 2003 review...

Macworld US (4.5 mice rating) 4.5 mice

"There are many iTunes controllers and information displays out there, but none do it all as well as Synergy [0.9], which integrates the best features of other utilities and adds a few of its own. It places playback controls in the menu bar, provides systemwide hot keys for playback and volume control, and adds a snazzy, translucent informational display that fades in and out at the start of each track (or at your command). You get full control of iTunes no matter what you're doing."

Read May 2003 review...

MacUser UK (4.5 mice rating)4.5 mice

"Synergy 0.5 is cheap, responsive and comes highly recommended to anyone who uses iTunes on a regular basis."

Read February 2003 review...

CUCUG (reviewed June 2003)

"Anyone who uses OS X and iTunes should have this program [0.9.9i] ... Once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it."

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AMUG (5 AMUGs rating)5 AMUGs

"Synergy [0.9.7] is a must have for avid iTune users. Try the software and I think you will agree this is how iTunes should work. Synergy is a winner!"

Read April 2003 review...

User quotes

"Synergy is an AWESOME program and a wonderful addition to my computer, especially when I have a few programs running on my computer, and am working on a website or doing homework, so I don't need to be always bringing iTunes to the front when I am really busy. I give you much praise for this idea!"
"Synergy is small, fast, unobtrusive, brilliant. Thanks for making something so patently obvious and yet never so successfully implemented before."
"This is the BEST iTunes enhancer there is. PERIOD!!!"
"This is an item I have longed for...thanks!"
"I have to tell you that I love this program. I have been wanting a utility like this forever."
"EVERYONE wants to get into the menubar but there's no room for them all. Synergy now takes priority."
"Fantastic. Does exactly what I need it to."
"Wow, just what I was looking for, and works perfectly!"
"It's a great program, and cheap at the price!"
"FINALLY a real solution for using iTunes without losing screen real estate."
"This is the most used App on my Mac."
"A must-have... The best thing that happened to iTunes."
"The developer is on FIRE. Getting better by the day."
"Exactly what I've been needing for the past year!"
"Too Good to be true!!! This version [0.7] is AMAZING, everything I've ever wanted!"
"Excellent app that I'm surprised Apple hasn't snapped up for a decent price!"
"Synergy saved me $699! I was going to buy an extra monitor, just to display my iTunes window, but now I don't need to anymore."
"This is the first time I've ever registered something within a day of using it."
"With my 120G of mp3s set to random and the floater, I just got myself the best jukebox on the planet!"
"Absolutely great software. After using it for a while I can't see not using it."
"Apple should definitely buy this for the next system updater."
"I have been looking for software like this to control iTunes forever! You are the only one I know of on the right track."
"The best iTunes enhancement ever."
"Great piece of software, just the kind of iTunes controller I was looking for."
"This is great! Just what I've needed. It's also quick and responsive unlike many of the other apps."
"Super duper! I have some tunes with Japanese fonts and they display beautifully."
"Good idea! It works!"
"Thank you for the (movable) floater. It is way cool. It just behaves the way it should. Well worth the cost of registering alone."
"This is undoubtedly the coolness, niftiest, sweetest app for OS X I've seen."
"Synergy is by far one of the most useful, coolest little apps I've downloaded."
"Synergy keeps getting better and better. Well worth the $5!"