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wincent Synergy: it changes everything

Advanced Preferences

The Advanced settings tab allows you to set some special preferences. For most users, it is sufficient to leave the items in the Advanced settings tab at their default settings.

  • "Previous" action first skips to the beginning of current track: When this box is checked, Synergy's "previous" actions will match iTunes' behaviour. In other words, pressing the "Previous" Hot Key, or the "Previous" control button in the Menu Bar will cause iTunes to move back to the start of the current track, and will only move to the previous track if already at the beginning of a track. When the box is unchecked the reverse is true: Synergy will always cause iTunes to move to the previous track.
  • Choose random button style when Synergy launches: When checked, this box causes Synergy to randomly select a button style at launch time. This setting overrides any selection made in the "Menu Bar" tab. Note that a button style will also be randomly selected whenever changes are made to the preferences and the user presses the "Apply" button.
  • Initiate connections to the Internet automatically when required: When checked, Synergy will connect to the Internet whenever it needs to download an album cover image. If you are on a dial-up connection and wish to suppress this behaviour, uncheck this box and Synergy will only attempt the download if your dial-up connection is already established.
  • Pre-process ID3 tags before searching for album covers: When checked, Synergy filters out phrases such as "Disc 1", "Soundtrack" and "OST" which are likely to confuse the Amazon search engine and result in inaccurate searches.
  • Bring iTunes to front when switching playlists: When checked, iTunes will come to the front whenever you use the playlists submenu in the Global menu to switch playlists.
  • Synergy/iTunes communication rate: Moving the slider to the left will make Synergy communicate with iTunes more often (but use more CPU). Moving it to the right will reduce the rate of communiation (and minimise CPU use) and Synergy will update less often. The slider allows you to adjust the communication interval from a minimum of once per second, up to a maximum of once every 10 seconds.