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wincent Synergy: it changes everything

About tab

The About tab provides access to registration options, the Synergy website, and Help.

  • Purchase: Click this button to be taken directly to the Synergy purchase page in your default browser.
  • Enter serial number: Once you have paid the 5€ (euro) registration fee and received your registration information you should click this button to enter your email address and serial number. Be sure to copy your email address and serial number exactly as they appear in your registration notice. If there are extra spaces before or after your information, or if you alter the capitalisation, your registration will not validate.
  • Unregister: Click this button to clear your serial number and registration information. (The Synergy license agreement requires you to remove your registration information from one machine before transferring the license to another. Licenses are not transferrable between users.)
  • Visit Synergy Website: Clicking this button takes you to the Synergy website ( in your default browser.