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wincent Synergy: it changes everything


Redistribution in any form without permission is disallowed. Rather than redistributing Synergy independently please direct others to the Synergy website,, to download the product.

There are three types of license available for Synergy: single-user, multi-user and demonstration.

Single-user license

In the case of a single-user license, purchasing Synergy grants you a limited license to use the software on one machine. Licenses are not transferrable between users, but a registered user may choose to transfer the license from one machine (the "source" machine) to another (the "destination" machine) provided that Synergy is removed from the source machine immediately after transferring it to the destination machine.

Multi-user license

In the case of a multi-user license, the purchaser is granted a limited license to install and use Synergy on more than one machine (up to the limit of machines allowed under the specific license). Licenses are not transferrable among machines, except under the provisions already outlined above. Note that in the case of the multi-user license, the license adheres to the machine rather than a specific user.

Demonstration license

In the case of the demonstration license, the user is granted a limited license to use the product on a trial basis for a period of seven days. At the end of that period it is necessary to purchase a license in order to continue using Synergy.

Common terms to all paid licenses

No warranty of any kind applies. The purpose of the seven day trial period is to allow potential purchasers to make an informed decision about whether to purchase a Synergy license. Once a license has been issued, no refunds shall apply. Given that Synergy interacts with products and services provided by third parties (such as Apple's iTunes, Amazon's Web Services, and Growl, there are no guarantees that Synergy will continue to function with future versions of those products and services, although a best effort will be made to ensure that Synergy remains compatible.

Registered users are required to keep their serial numbers in a safe place and to refrain from disclosing them to any third party.

Registered users found to be in breach of these conditions forfeit their license.

I reserve the right to change these license terms at any time without notice.