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wincent Synergy: it changes everything

Known limitations

  • If the Finder is the frontmost application and you have the Aladdin Systems StuffIt contextual menu module installed, StuffIt will insert a "StuffIt" submenu at the bottom of the Synergy global menu. This is a bug in the StuffIt software.
  • The playlists submenu does not differentiate playlists with identical names.
  • It is not possible to toggle the shuffle mode on and off when iTunes does not have a current track selection. This is a limitation of iTunes. Similarly, it is not possible to toggle the repeat mode under these circumstances.
  • When hovering the mouse over the play button to display track information, if the mouse is held right at the top of the screen (over the top row of pixels), the information window is aligned so that the top left hand corner of it is beneath the mouse cursor. In tracks with long information strings, this causes the tooltip to run off the right edge of the screen. Other areas of the play button work normally. This is an Apple bug.
  • When clicking the menu bar control buttons and moving the mouse to the right over Apple's "Menu Extras", those menus will drop down thus showing that the Menu Bar area is active. This is an Apple bug, as it appears to affect all applications that use Menu Bar status items, including applications from other vendors. A work-around is being investigated, but in the meantime sending feedback to Apple is encouraged.
  • Spanish localisation does not extend to the Preference Pane or this documentation, only to the menu bar application.

You can file bug reports and view the progress towards resolving existing bugs by visiting the public bug-tracking interface.