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wincent Synergy: it changes everything

Installing, upgrading or removing Synergy

Once you have installed the Synergy Preference Pane, you will be able to start and stop Synergy, as well as set it to launch automatically at login.

As of Synergy version 0.9.9i2 (released 26 June 2003), Synergy comes with an easy-to-use installer. After downloading, simply double click the Synergy disk image. The installer is found inside the mounted disk image. Open it and follow the prompts! The installer knows how to do both clean installs and upgrades of existing installations.

To remove Synergy, click the "Uninstall" button in the installer.

What's actually being installed?

Depending on your selection, Synergy is installed into one of the following locations:


The installer asks the System Preferences application and any previous versions of Synergy to quit, installs (or removes) Synergy, and flushes out the preference panes cache to ensure that the changes are reflected in the user interface.