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wincent Synergy: it changes everything


  • Instant access to iTunes controls from any application; there is no faster or less obtrusive way to control iTunes via mouse or by keyboard.
  • Stunning floating notification window (the "Floater") that provides you with instant updates and information. Because it is completely transparent to mouse-clicks in all applications it never gets in the way.
  • No need to give up screen real-estate to make room for a floating window, and without the need to navigate into a Dock menu or other menu for each operation.
  • The ability to automatically download album covers over the Internet and display them in the floater; combined with the ability to buy albums with a single click thanks to the "Buy from" item in the Synergy global menu.
  • Automatic querying of iTunes (version 4 or later) for cover art prior to attempting download.
  • Customisable, system-wide Hot Keys for control button function enable you to control iTunes without ever taking your hands off the keyboard. You can even control iTunes using the function keys of your keyboard and no modifier keys (like Shift, Command and so forth).
  • Independent control of iTunes volume, with a semi-transparent overlay window providing visual feedback.
  • Settings for control button spacing and visibility, as well as button style.
  • Online gallery of free Button sets.
  • Easy customization using double-clickable button sets in the Finder. Easily add, remove, change, swap button sets using double-clickable "synergyButtons" packages.
  • Semi-transparent overlay windows that provide you with visual feedback when controlling iTunes using hot keys.
  • Global menu for access to recently played tunes, playlists, and iTunes features not available in the iTunes Dock menu.
  • Automatic hide and show whenever iTunes is running.
  • Configurable floater transparency, size, position and delay before fade.
  • Customisable information display including Track name, Album, Artist, Duration, Year and Rating.
  • Support for all iTunes audio sources (MP3 and AAC files, Internet radio, audio CDs and more).
  • Easy sharing of cover artwork between iTunes 4 and Synergy. Synergy can automatically find and use artwork embedded in tracks in iTunes; as of verison 2.9, Synergy can also transfer downloaded art back into iTunes (using the "Transfer cover art to iTunes" item in the Global Menu).
  • Many configuration options: button spacing; selectively turn off specific buttons; show buttons only when iTunes is running; floater characteristics; alternative button style.
  • Written from the ground up in Objective-C using Apple's native Cocoa API, the Synergy application itself has a tiny footprint (most of the space in the Synergy distribution is actually taken up by documentation). When running, it quietly waits for your input, using no CPU time whatsoever.
  • Operates without a Dock icon or menubar.
  • Tool-tips indicating purpose of each control.
  • Hovering the mouse over the menubar play/pause button will display the current track name, with album and artist (if available).
  • Growl support (requires Mac OS X 10.3, iTunes 4.7 and Growl 0.6 or above). Synergy sends the same update information to Growl that it displays in its own Floater (although it doesn't make a lot of sense to have both Growl and the Floater turned on at the same time); this includes, title, artist, album, year, duration, rating and cover art information (according to which items you have active in the Synergy preferences). See the FAQ for more information on Growl support.
  • Ability to run scripts or auto-launch items whenever iTunes changes status or tracks (requires iTunes 4.7 or above). For example, you could use a script that updates your iChat status whenever the current track changes. Synergy looks for track change items in "~/Library/Application Support/Synergy/Track Change Items". Synergy scans the Track Change Items folder only once at startup, so after making changes to the contents of the folder you must stop and restart Synergy for the changes to take effect.
  • Audioscrobbler support.