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wincent Synergy: it changes everything


Design and development

  • Wincent Colaiuta

Icons, graphics and testing


  • Michael Simmons


  • Paul Bánsági, Fokke de Boer (Dutch)
  • Hervé Bismuth, Frédéric Latour (French)
  • David Dauer; application, Felix Kühne; installer (German)
  • Michele Mangili (Italian)
  • Akira Ikeda (Japanese)
  • Tore Torsteinbø (Norwegian)
  • Neto (Portuguese)
  • Alexander Vasilyev (Russian)
  • Xiong Wei (Simplified Chinese)
  • Jack MH Lin (Traditional Chinese)
  • Jonas Barrestam (Swedish)
  • Alphan Gunaydin (Turkish)

Button sets