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wincent Synergy Advance: total audio control

Synergy Advance Road Map

Development work on Synergy Advance began in November 2003 and it is a large project depending on a number of custom frameworks. In order to make the code base more manageable it is extremely modular in design and makes heavy use of plug-ins to implement its functionality. To make testing practical the product will be rolled out in the form of a number of public preview releases, each one adding more modules and plug-ins than the last as detailed below. You'll be able to try it out starting with the first public preview release on 2 May 2005.

Depending on the feedback that follows after each preview and any outstanding issues that need to be fixed there will be a period of between one and four weeks between each public preview release (version 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and so forth) to allow for thorough testing of each module. If any critical issues come to light that should be fixed immediately then additional releases may also be added to the release scheduled and made available as quickly as possible; these release would have version numbers like 0.1.1, 0.2.1, and so on.

The first public preview release provides the core application which serves as the platform for all the other functionality of later releases. The central piece of the program is the Global Menu, which provides access to almost all of Synergy Advance's functionality. The design is such that you can use the Synergy Advance Global Menu alongside Synergy if you choose to do so. The Synergy Advance Global Menu is much more powerful that the Global Menu included with Synergy, so once you are running Synergy Advance it's unlikely that you'll go back to using Synergy's Global Menu ever again.

The first public preview is not intended as a replacement for Synergy; it does not include the Floater module, the Cover Art module or the Menu Bar controls module (these will appear in subsequent preview releases). It is designed to work well alongside Synergy should you choose to do so. The first preview release includes 4 preferences panes (out of a total of 12 that have so far been prepared for Synergy Advance).

In addition to the already released core (as seen in versions 0.1, 0.1.1 and 0.1.2) the new public preview now includes a number of new modules (two new preferences panes and two plug-ins with many new features, bugfixes and enhancements); the full change history can be read here.

The list of known issues in this public preview is available here. If you find an issue that is not listed there please file a bug report.

You can track the progress of the project using these resources.