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wincent Synergy Advance: total audio control

Known issues

Here is a summary of the known issues in the public preview release (version 0.2):

  • Cross-dissolves between the "Advanced" and "Hot Keys" preference panes are not animated (bug #225).
  • The "Refresh" menu items in the "Playlists", "Genres" and "Artists" submenus are not yet hooked up and have no effect.
  • The "Recent Tracks" and "Upcoming Tracks" submenus in the Global Menu are not yet hooked up and are permanently ghosted.
  • There are two blank menu items in the Global Menu which correspond to modules that will be released in the next previews. They are currently scheduled for public preview release 0.5 and 0.6. Information about the release schedule is available here.
  • If you issue a command such as "Play" to iTunes when it is not running nothing will happen. The behaviour of Synergy was the opposite (it would launch iTunes in this case and then start playing). I will soon be adding a setting in the advanced preferences pane which allows people to choose the behaviour that they prefer. This is in the bug database as bug #204.
  • There are some polish issues still to be resolved with the Instant Messaging preference pane. For example, if Synergy Advance sets a custom status message or user image it does not restore the previous status or image afterwards. This is most noticeable when you are using cover art as a user image and a song starts playing for which there is no cover art (iChat wil continue to use the same user image rather than resetting).
  • Some of the items in the Synergy Advance AppleScript dictionary refer to features that are not present in the current release but will become available when the corresponding modules are added to one of the upcoming public preview releases.

If you discover an issue that is not listed here or in the bugs and feature requests database please file a bug report.

You can track the progress of the project using these resources.