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wincent Synergy Advance: total audio control

Frequently Asked Questions


"synergyd" background daaemon

For information about the "synergyd" background daemon see the synergyd FAQ.

Product information

For information about product activation see the Product Activation page and the Product Activation Privacy FAQ.


How do I set/view half-star ratings?

To see half-star ratings in iTunes (as shown here) you must use iTunes version 6.0.2 or later. If you use an older version of iTunes you can still set half-star ratings and iTunes will store them internally but it will always round them to whole stars for display in its user interface.

To set half-star ratings using Synergy Advance you go to the "Advanced" preferences and set these two options:

You can then use Synergy Advance's hot keys to raise and lower the ratings by half-star intervals (the rating change step of "10" corresponds to one half-star; the standard rating change step of "20" corresponds to whole stars). If you have "Extra visual feedback for Hot Keys" checked in the "Hot Keys" preferences then Synergy Advance will display a bezel showing the current rating whenever you use the hot keys to change the rating.

To see half-star ratings if you're using Growl you must use Synergy Advance 0.3 or later.