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wincent Hextrapolate: the programmer's pal

Version history

2.0 (23 April 2007)

  • [Enhancement] Added extensive embedded help documentation to the application (also available online).
  • [Bugfix] Adding missing ellipsis in main menu.
  • [Note] Added Kagi as a payment option.

2.0b (10 April 2007)

  • [Note] WinHex has now changed its name to Hextrapolate. The name change has taken place at the request of X-Ways Software Technology, makers of an existing product for Microsoft Windows which is also called "WinHex", has been under development since 1995, and has over 20,000 registered users (as of April 2007). To avoid confusion for users of the X-Ways software, Wincent has changed the name of its own product to Hextrapolate. The X-Ways WinHex website can be found here.
  • [Feature] In addition to the ASCII conversion offered in version 1.0, the new version adds UTF-8 and UTF-16 (Little Endian and Big Endian) options in a pop-up menu.
  • [Feature] Both kinds of pop-ups (text encoding and base) are now paired; this provides convenient any-to-any conversion without having to toggle settings.
  • [Feature] Byte and bit-count shown in the main window title bar.
  • [Enhancement] Number conversion infrastructure rewritten from scratch with a view to better performance.
  • [Enhancement] Hextrapolate is now a Universal Binary that will run natively on both Intel and PowerPC processors.
  • [Enhancement] Updated the GMP arbitrary precision arithmetic library used by Hextrapolate to version 4.2.1.
  • [Enhancement] Integrated WOTest unit testing framework.
  • [Enhancement] Can now enter leading zeros.
  • [Bugfix] No longer possible to "overflow" the text fields (formerly the ASCII field); previously entering a sufficiently large quantity of decimal digits could case the ASCII field to turn blank.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed leaking WOMPZWrapper objects.
  • [Note] The Hextrapolate disk image now shows basic installation instructions for a drag-and-drop install.
  • [Note] Enabled crash reporter functionality.
  • [Note] Bumped the minimum required Mac OS X version from 10.3 to 10.4.
  • [Note] Replaced "Registration feed paid" checkbox with a proper interface showing registered user email address and buttons for purchasing, registering, unregistering and recovering lost license codes. Codes have already been sent to existing registered users; please contact me if you have not received your code.

1.0b2 (21 January 2003)

  • [Feature] German localization by David Dauer.
  • [Note] "Buy Now" link added to application menu.

1.0b (5 January 2003)

  • Initial release (as WinHex).