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Privacy policy

In a nutshell...

Wincent cares about and respects your privacy. Wincent will only collect personal information if you voluntarily offer it, and Wincent will never sell or otherwise disclose that information to a third party.

Website visitors

Wincent does not collect any data from website visitors, other than the usual information which is logged by the Apache webserver when a remote client connects (such as IP address, status code and user agent). None of this is information that could personally identify a visitor. Server logs are periodically purged so that only the most recent information remains on the server.

Standard security measures are in place so that any information that you voluntarily provide (for example, if you create an account for the forums or the bug tracking and feature requests database) is best protected against loss, misuse, disclosure to or alteration by third parties. Although Wincent makes a best effort to protect your confidentiality, it can offer no guarantees in the event of a security breach.

Customer records

Wincent maintains a private list of registered users based on the information provided by the payment processing services of PayPal and Kagi. This information does not include credit card or banking details, and it is not stored on this server or any other that is accessible to the public.

"Phoning home"

Wincent products do not "phone home" or transmit your personal information across the network. Some products offer an auto-update feature in which they periodically connect to the Wincent webserver (specifically, to find out if a newer version is available. In the process, no information is transmitted about you or your computer; the product merely asks the Wincent server what is the latest version, and offers the user an opportunity to download it if it is newer. The auto-updates feature is optional and can be deactivated.

Product activation

Some Wincent products are equipped with product activation. In product activation the software connects once (and only once) to the server in order to validate the software's license. None of your personal information is sent to the server in this process (not even your license code is sent). The product activation system has been carefully engineered over a period of nearly two years to ensure that your privacy is fully protected and that the process is convienent. More detailed information is available in the Product Activation Privacy FAQ.