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wincent Wincent: about

Wincent: about

Wincent was founded in 1997 by Wincent Colaiuta. It began as a simple website, predominantly in weblog format. Since then it has evolved into a small but popular software development company, but it continues to be a one-man operation.

Cocoa software development

In November 2002, Wincent publicly released its first commercial application, Synergy, an innovative iTunes menu bar controller and hot key interface.

Since then, Synergy has been under active development and has attracted glowing reviews by the press and the public.

Wincent's second publicly released application is Install, a flexible and powerful deployment solution for software developers; and subsequent Wincent releases include WinHex, a powerful number conversion aid for programmers and other people who work with numbers in a digital setting; WinSwitch, an enhanced replacement for Apple's Fast User Switching menu; and Synergy Advance, Synergy's "big brother".

Wincent specializes in Mac OS X software development using the Cocoa frameworks and Objective-C, but also employs other languages and technologies as necessary, including Carbon, C, Perl, PHP and even the lowly shell. Its products call on all levels of the Mac OS X infrastructure, from Mach kernel calls through to high-level AppleScript.

Mac tips, news and commentary

The news page and knowledge base continue to provide valuable Mac tips, news and commentary. These do not seek to compete with other Mac websites by merely duplicating their content. Rather, Wincent seeks to publish the tips and information that are not easily found elsewhere on the web. He also aims to bring noteworthy software releases to the attention of the readership.