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wincent contact forms

Contacting wincent

The typical response time for emails is approximately one business day (but please check the news page for any news items about possible delays).

If you have a support enquiry, do not use this form. Please see the support pages and if necessary open a support ticket. You will receive support more quickly by opening a support ticket because it not only generates an email message but also collects and stores useful trouble-shooting information in a database to better track the issue.

Similarly, you should consult the license code retrieval system before contacting Wincent with lost registration inquiries.

A word about spam protection

The Wincent mailserver is protected by a strict set of anti-spam technologies, including SpamAssassin filtering. If you find that your email is returned to you as a result of one of these protections, you may use this email form to make contact.

To: Wincent Colaiuta
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your IP address ( will be sent along with your message.