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wincent contact forms

What is the nature of your enquiry?

I've lost my license code

You can have your license code resent to you by using the registration retrieval system. Simply enter your registered email address and click the button to have your registration details resent to you immediately by the automated system. As this there is no human intervention this is the quickest way to get your license code resent to you. Remember to always keep reliable backups of your registration notices; it is a good idea to not only burn a copy to CD or DVD, but to keep a printed hard copy as well.

Click here to use the registration retrieval system

I have a feature request

The best way to make a feature request is to use the bug tracking and feature request database. If you have an idea for a great new feature then it's probable that other users will want the same thing too. By using the database you can see what other people have asked for and what is already being worked on. By adding comments to or voting for an existing feature request, you help Wincent prioritize features according to popularity and demand. If you're the first person to request a particular feature, be sure to begin your summary with the word "REQUEST" so that it stands out. Wincent receives a copy by email of every feature request, comment and vote that gets filed using the database; using the database is the best way to get your desired feature implemented. The database runs the industry-standard Bugzilla.

I want to report a bug

Just like your feature requests, your bug report will be most effective if you lodge it using the bug tracking and feature request database. In many cases the bugs you find will depend on specific characteristics of your machine or its configuration; often Wincent cannot reproduce the bug here. By using the database to share information with other users, the common underlying triggers can be identified and the problem can be fixed. You can increase the priority of an issue by adding comments to or voting for an existing bug report. Wincent receives a copy by email of every bug report, comment and vote that gets filed using the database, so using the database is the quickest way to get your issue fixed. The database runs the industry-standard Bugzilla.

I need technical support

There are a number of support resources available to you on this website 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. You can access them by doing the following:

Using these resources is often the quickest way to find a solution for your technical problem. If the online resources don't provide you with the solution, then you are welcome to open a support ticket. Wincent is a very small enterprise (only one person) and so the quickest way to obtain an answer is usually to access the online resources. I work seven days a week and try very hard to attend to support tickets as quickly as possible, but there may be some delay, depending on the the time of day (and your timezone compared to mine), the day of the week, and my level of access to the Net at a given moment. If I have to leave town and anticipate not having access to the net I always post a notice on the news page.

I want to change my email address

If you want to update your mailing list subscriptions, please see the mailing lists page. The mailing lists are "opt-in". Due to the prevalence of spam and security concerns, if you wish to subscribe to a mailing list them then only way that you can do it is to send a message from the address that you wish to subscribe.

For security reasons, license codes are permanently bound to the email address used at the time of purchase. This is to reduce the likelihood of an outsider attempting to "hijack" your license by claiming to be you and then trying to change the address associated with the license. What this means is that when you enter you enter your license code in the software you must use the address exactly as it appears on the registration notice. It's very important to keep backups of this notice (both printed and electronic) so that if you ever lose access to your email address then you will still have a copy of your registration information.

In summary:

I want to report a problem with the website

If you're having trouble finding things on the website try looking on the Site map or performing a Search.

If you think you've found a broken link, a mistake, or a technical problem on the website, please use the bug tracking database.

For more information about the bug tracking database, see the notes on reporting bugs above.

General feedback and enquiries

If none of the alternatives listed above are suitable, you are welcome to use the mail form to send me an email. Due to the number of emails received, I may not be able to write personalized replies to each and every message, although I do try to do so. Rest assured that if your enquiry is one which asks a question or requires some other kind of response, you will receive a reply. Where appropriate I send semi-automated replies using the excellent MailTemplate software from Abracode. This allows me to send a standard, pre-written reply to frequently received enquiries.

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